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SE SWCD Technical Support JPB

Technical Service Area 7

Providing Engineering and Technical Assistance to South East MN SWCD's

TSAs are a critical component of the conservation delivery system in Minnesota for conservation on private lands, with the associated benefits to water quality, wildlife habitat, agricultural productivity, and sustainability. TSA staff provide technical assistance to and through member SWCDs, in cooperation with the USDA NRCS, BWSR and other local, state, and federal government units. 

The SE SWCD TSA is an entity created by the 11 SWCD's located in SE MN.  It currently employs 4 staff (2 Professional Engineers and 2 Conservation Technician) who's workload is prioritized by the SWCD members.  The majority of our projects relate to small feedlot runoff control practices.  This JPB also coordinates regional grants implementation for Nutrient Management Planning and Nitrogen BMP Planning thru Fillmore and Rice SWCD's; enhanced Feedlot Technical Assistance thru the Dodge & Wabasha SWCD's, and Soil Health thru the Fillmore SWCD.  The Goodhue Co. SWCD serves as the Host and Fiscal Agent for this JPB.

JPB Map.jpg

SE SWCD Technical Support JPB Staff:

Kate Bruss


104 East 3rd Ave / PO Box 335

Goodhue, MN 55027

Phone: (651) 923-5286


Peter Fryer

Lead Engineer

PO Box 39

Lewiston, MN 55952

Cell: (507) 251-4041

Chris Nelson.jpg

Chris Nelson

Engineering Technician

2122 Campus Drive SE, Suite 200

Rochester, MN 55901

Phone: (507) 328-7147

Cell: (507) 398-2581


Jason Rochester

Engineering Technician

805 North Hwy 44/76, Suite 1

Caledonia, MN 55921

Phone: (507) 724-5261 Ext. 3

Regular Scheduled Meetings are held every 6 months. 
For details call the Goodhue office at 651-923-5286.​
Regular Board Minutes                       


2022, January 26

2021, July 29

2021, January 27 


2020, July 29                                                         

2020, January 28 

2019, July 30

2019, January 30

2018. July 31

2018, January 31

2017, July 31

2017, January 31 






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