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Goodhue County Soil & Water Conservation District

and NRCS / FSA Office
Address: 104 E 3rd Ave / PO Box 335
Goodhue, MN 55027    Phone: 651-923-5286
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Goodhue SWCD Staff

Beau Kennedy: District Manager

  • Manages the SWCD.

  • Coordinates the Tree Program.

  • Manages the SE SWCD  Technical Support  JPB, which  provides professional engineering for 11  SWCDs in SE MN.


Vacant: Natural Resource Specialist

  • County Wetland Conservation Act     Administrator.

  • County Water Plan/Watershed Coordinator

  • Buffer Specialist

Chris Fritz: District Technician

  • Coordinates the Truax No-Till Drill for the District.

  • Farm Bill Assistance program.

  • Reinvest in MN (RIM) program.

  • Survey & Design of Erosion Control Practices.


Coty Hyllengren: District Technician

  • Coordinates the No-Till Drill for the District.

  • State Cost Share Program.

  • Designs soil and water conservation    practices such as waterways, sediment  basins, terraces and dams.


Kelsey Petit: Feedlot Officer

  • Administers the animal feedlot  regulatory program.

  • Processes of the feedlot permit  applications in accordance with the   State and County policies and rules.


Delane Krier: Administrative Assistant

  • Clerical Support and day to day activity in the office.

  • Administers the AgBMP loan Program.

  • Administers the Tree Program.                                

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SE SWCD Technical Support Joint Power Board Staff

Kate Bruss: SRF Engineer

  • ​Provides professional engineering

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Natural Resource Conservation Service Staff

District Conservationist: VACANT

Cole Kennedy: Soil Conservationist


Emily Voelker: Soil Conservation Technician

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