Tree Program

Delane Krier: 651-923-5286 Ext. 102

2020 Tree Program


Another Successful Year of the Tree Program!


Thank you, to all of you who supported our 2020 Spring Tree Program! We were thrilled that our website store ordering went so well, and we were able to safely distribute everyone’s trees during these crazy times. Thanks for being flexible and understanding!


If you weren’t able to order with us this year but would like to next year for spring delivery, please watch for our website store to reopen in beginning of 2021.

Below is information about the trees we sell.  Click on the name of the tree and it will take you to information about each tree.

ConifersConiferous trees keep their needles all year with the exception of tamarack. They are good trees to plant for privacy and wind breaks or shelterbelts.

Arborvitae:    White Cedar     Techny

Fir:    Balsam

Pine:    Norway (Red)    White

Spruce:    Black Hills    Colorado Blue    Norway    White


Deciduous Deciduous trees lose their leaves in fall or winter. They are good trees to plant on the south side of your home to provide shade in the summer and warmth in the winter when the sun can shine through. Deciduous trees are known for their beautiful leaf color when they drop their leaves each fall.

Cherry:    Black

Maple:    Red (Rubrum)    Sugar

Oak:    Bur    Red (Northern)    Swamp White    White

Walnut:    Black 

Shrubs - Shrubs are multi-stemmed woody plants that rarely exceed 15 feet in height. Mixing shrubs with tree plantings adds visual diversity, wildlife cover, and food.