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Spruce (White) 7 - 15" /  2-2TP*

Spruce (White) 7 - 15" / 2-2TP*


A very hardy, adaptable, native tree with a height of 40-80’ and width of 20-30’.  Growth rate is fairly rapid.  Needles 1/3 to ¾” long, blunt tipped, producing a rank odor when crushed (deer don’t eat it).  Used for timber, wildlife habitat, windbreaks, and Christmas trees.  Grows best on medium to heavy soils, tolerant of shade but likes full sun

*Age Key on Conifers: TP indicates 'Transplants' where seedlings have been lifted & spaced into transplant beds - number indicated years in seedling bed, then transplant bed; so a '2-2 TP' is a 4 year old TransPlant.

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