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Arborvitae White Cedar (Eastern) 12 - 16" / 2-2TP*

Arborvitae White Cedar (Eastern) 12 - 16" / 2-2TP*


Also known as northern white cedar.  A native, dense, pyramidal evergreen tree with a height of 40-50’ and a width of 10-20’.  Needles are soft, scale-like, flat, aromatic when crushed.  A long-lived, sturdy tree with a slow to moderate growth rate.  Shallow, fibrous root system.  Excellent for windbreaks as it creates a dense wall.  Will tolerate poorly drained soils and moderate shading.

*Age Key on Conifers: TP indicates 'Transplants' where seedlings have been lifted & spaced into transplant beds - number indicated years in seedling bed, then transplant bed; so a '2-3 TP' is a 5 year old TransPlant.

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