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Fir (Cook's Balsam) 12 - 18" / 2-3TP*

Fir (Cook's Balsam) 12 - 18" / 2-3TP*


A tree native to the northern MN and Canada, is used for pulpwood and construction lumber.  Height of 40-75’ and width of 15-25’.  A popular Christmas tree noted for long needle retention after harvest, color, and pleasant fragrance.  Leaves are needle-like and flat.  Attractive pyramidal shape.  Short lived species (50-70 years).  Very shade tolerant, but needs ample moisture.)

*Age Key on Conifers: TP indicates 'Transplants' where seedlings have been lifted & spaced into transplant beds - number indicated years in seedling bed, then transplant bed; so a '2-3 TP' is a 5 year old TransPlant.

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