Goodhue County SWCD Tree Program


2020 Tree Program has come to end.  We would like to give a Great Big Thanks to all who ordered.  See you next year!

  We have: 4'x4' tree mats with 5 staples for $1.75.

60" & 72"   TreePro Miracle Tree Tubes   

 for $3.20 / $3.80 each.

Tree tubes are excellent for protecting hardwood trees from deer browse and enhancing growth rate!

both sizes include 2 zip ties (still need support stake).

Call 651-923-5300, Ext. 4 for details or stop in!

Click on the Links below for helpful information: 

Browning needles in spruce trees U of M web page

New!! Woodland Stewardship: A Practical Gude for Midwestern Landowners, 3rd Edition Book (free to download)

Protecting Trees & Shrubs from Winter Injury (pdf)

Spruce Needle Diseases NDSU

MN DNR Newsletter Summer 2018: Dry and windy April killed scattered evergreens in SE MN 



MN DNR Video 'How to plant a Container Tree'

The State of MN has a Nursery Stock Cold Hardiness List which we have tried to show on our order form.  Click here to view the web page

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

helpful link on propagating woody plants in the spring!

Purdue University Tree Pruning Guide

How to Prune Trees: USDA Forest Service

University of MN Seasonal Care of trees & shrubs: Pruning deciduous brances

Tree Owner's Manual: USDA Forest Service

Diseases of Trees in the Great Plains (click on 'View PDF'

Quarantine in place for Ash in Goodhue County due to Emerald Ash Borer. MDA Public Notice

Pollinator Seed Packet Info:

2020 mix


2019 mix



Conifer Information                              Shrub Information                        Hardwood Tree Information   

Black Hills Spruce 

White Oak & Seedlings