SE SWCD Technical Support JPB

The Southeast SWCD Technical Support Joint Powers Board is an entity created by the 11 SWCD's located in SE MN.  Its purpose is to provide increased technical capacity to its SWCD members.  It currently employs 4 staff (2 Professional Engineers and a 2 Conservation Technician) who's workload is prioritized by the SWCD members.  The majority of our projects relate to small feedlot runoff control practices.  This JPB also coordinates regional grants implementation for Nutrient Management Planning and Nitrogen BMP Planning thru Fillmore and Rice SWCD's; enhanced Feedlot Technical Assistance thru the Dodge & Wabasha SWCD's, and Soil Health thru the Fillmore SWCD.  The Goodhue Co. SWCD serves as the Host and Fiscal Agent for this JPB.

Agendas & Minutes

The next regularly scheduled meeting (held every 6 months) of the SE SWCD Tech Support JPB is scheduled for late July 2020.  An Agenda will be posted before that meeting.  For details call the Goodhue office at 651-923-5300.

2020 JPB Special Board Meeting Minutes March 30 (Draft)

2020 JPB Meeting Minutes January 28 (Draft)

2020 JPB Agenda January 28

2019 JPB Special Board Meeting Minutes October 8
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2019 JPB Minutes January 30
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2018 JPB Meeting Packet January 31
2017 JPB Executive Minutes
2017 JPB Agenda July 31 2017
2017 JPB Meeting Packet July 31
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Financial Information:

       FY2019 Financial Audit

        FY2018 Financial Audit 

        FY2017 Financial Reports     



      FY2017 Budget with FY2016 Budget & Actual     


 Grant Reporting

State of MN Grants            

P17-404 Regional Conservation Partnership Program 2017

P19-3319 NPEA JPB Gran 2019

P19-3327 Enhanced Shared Technical Services 2019 

P20-4015 NPEA JPB Grant 2020

P20-4023 Enhanced Shared Technical Services 2020