Very similar to native 'Arbor Vitae" (above), except that it has a medium growth rate with dark green foliage.  It is very winter hardy and drought resistant.  Will stay green well into winter.  Can be sheared to shape when used as a hedge or privacy screen.  Grows well in full sun or light shade.  Height of 15-20 feet; width of 8-10 feet.  When young, it grows bushy but when it gets 3-4 feet tall it grows more pyramidal

*Age Key on Conifers: TP indicates 'Transplants' where seedlings have been lifted & spaced into transplant beds - number indicated years in seedling bed, then transplant bed; so a '2-3 TP' is a 5 year old TransPlant.

Arbor Vitae, Techny - 12"-16" / 1-2TP*