Cost-Share Incentives for a small feedlot fix Does your feedlot need to address a pollution concern?

Updated: Jan 10

Goodhue SWCD has funding available to assist feedlot producers whose sites have runoff from feedlots or manure stockpiles. The cost-share will target implementation on feedlots placed in priority categories based on environmental risk. Some examples of these fixes include roof gutters, fencing, seeding down bare areas, clean water diversions, re-grading, reducing lot size, filter strips, extending roofs, and milkhouse waste treatment. Now with a Cost–Share Rate of up to 75%!!!. Please contact the Goodhue Soil & Water Conservation District at (651-923-5286 Ext. 4) if you are interested. But hurry, these funds are limited and need to be spent by June 2022.

Milkhouse Waste System -Irrigators

Solids settling basin with a picket fence, orifice outlet and overflow weir outlet and a vegetative treatment area

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