No Till Drill Program

The Goodhue County Soil & Water Conservation District coordinates two No-till Drill rental programs.

     1.  A John Deere 1590 10 foot no till drill set up primarily for seeding grassed waterways and other conservation practices.  

     2.  A Truax No till Native seed drill, 8 foot wide. 

1. John Deere 1590 Drill Program


  Drill is provided with or without an approved waterway seed mix, and charges by the acre.  Landowner provides tractor. click here for Contract.  
Contact Coty Hyllengren to get on the list or with additional questions
2. Truax Drill Program

The Truax Drill specializes in native seed drilling. The Truax does a great job of disbursing the various size and weight of native seeds accurately for desired rates.


Similar to the John Deere program, a landowner may rent the Truax and must provide their own seed and tractor. Please contact Chris Fritz for scheduling or additional questions.